Sunday, August 31, 2008


I started watching and reading a anmie/manga this year called Rosario+Vampier it came out this year and the 2nd one be out in Oct just in time for Halloween. The hero somewhat is a average student named Tsukune Aono or the other way is (Aono Tsukune). He has failed test to get in to finshing schools all over Japan but one ( there in Japan finshing school are like high schools here in the states.) and he do not know that the school for monster. No the way to this new school he gets off the bus in a grave yard with dark dead old tress around him then he see the school which it look like a haunted house to him then he hears a noise he starts to run then boom it gets hit in the back with a bike with a cute red girl on it named Moka Akashiya(Akashiya Moke) at this time still dose not know that she is a monster till he starts bleeding then she gose over to him and bites me on the neck. So he yells then to himself called her a vampire but she do not know that he is human and tells him that she hates all humans so Tsukune and Moke head for school with her thinking he is a monster till he found out that all humans enter the school are killed on the spot. With him sitting in the classroom one monster though he smeeled a human in the class was looking at Tsukune. So Tsukune got up and left the class as fast as he could till Moka finded him and ask him where he was going
he told her that leaving because he was human and they kill humans on the spot. Will that Moka back little bit and asked him not go he trun around said (YOU HATE ALL HUMANS WILL I'M
HUMAN) then he ran to the bus stop. She ran after him to stop him she ran in to the guy that had smelled a human and she was attacked by him. At this Tsukune heared her yell he when't to help
her out. When he got there he yelled at guy to stop hitting on Moke then he got hit and landed on Moka and removed a cross on her necklace off which keeps her power of a vampire in check it came off and she had her vampire powers in full will she kick the guys butt good and told him to know his place. Had when the cross is put back on the necklaces she gose back to being average vampire. Moka told Tsukune that she did not what him to go because he was the only frined she had at the school and if he lift she be all alone. So he said he would stay for now. Tsukune will be saved by Moka few more times though the books and show. If you go to and put in Rasario+Vampire you watch all 13 shows but subbed but still a good show and the Manga books are good to. Can't wait till Oct to see the rest. Got my wife (Nikki) to the first book right now.I will talk on Love Hina next time a good show and Manga.

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