Sunday, August 3, 2008

The 70's was the start

Back in the 70's at the time I watch the fall of Veitnam on tv I watch G-Force and Space Pirate Captain Harlock . I didn't know what I was watching at time just that the ships was cool and a lot of colors which is new for a 6 yr old . This was a start for me to watch anime and other carrtoons .

Buggy Bunny and a lot more then. I got early in the weekdays to watch G-force all ways like the ship they flew and capes they had on but for me I yell for the bad guys to win but lost in the end.Now Captain Harlock was ready good because I use to see the ship attack with a blade when it ramed a nother ship in ship and the Captain had a cool gun he had used for a time.Then I saw two shows called Space Battleship Yamato aka. Star Blazers and Star Trek and a lot of Bugs Bunny and Speed Buggy too.Then Battlestar came on tv and then Jaws and a small movie I think it was called Star Wars I think it was called that ???????????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. There a lot I watch here in the 70's and some from the 60's as reruns that is later. The 80's is where I found Manga Books and more. Tell me what you seen as a kid and more on Anime and Manga. Thanks.

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